EPNG LIMITED - 90 CLARENCE AVENUE CLAPHAM LONDON SW4 8JR 020 86744150 England & Wales company number: 08162770

ELM PARK NURSERY LIMITED - 90 CLARENCE AVENUE CLAPHAM LONDON SW4 8JR 020 8678 1990 elmparknursery.co.uk England & Wales company number: 08162800

RIVERSIDE NURSERY LIMITED - ENSIGN HOUSE BATTERSEA REACH JUNIPER DRIVE WANDSWORTH SW18 1TA 020 7078 4098 riversidenurserybattersea.co.uk England & Wales company number: 08161978

RIVER ELM LIMITED - 90 CLARENCE AVENUE CLAPHAM LONDON SW4 8JR 020 8674 4150 England & Wales company number: 06689384

Elm Park Nursery Group (EPNG) is a childcare business which owns and operates private childrens nurseries. EPNG was started up in 1991 by its current owners, former teachers and husband and wife Sandra and Enley Taylor.

EPNG currently comprises the Elm Park Nursery, registered for 118 children, located in Clapham SW4, the Riverside Nursery, registered for 112 children, located in Wandsworth SW18, and River Elm Limited a company set up to acquire property for nursery school use.

EPNG began in 1991 with the establishment of the Elm Park Nursery in church premises on Elm Park, Brixton Hill SW2 area of London which subsequently relocated to Clapham in 1997. Riverside Nursery was started in 1992 in Putney SW15 and relocated to its Battersea Reach premises in 2010.


Phone: 020 8674 4150 (admin office)

Mobile: 079 7157 0591

Email: proprietor@epng.co.uk


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